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AVID doesn't just focus on its own curriculum but prioritizes the importance of all coursework, giving students opportunities to work on all subjects at various times


Tutorial is the AVID specialty where students collaborate together to help each other understand their coursework from all classes!


High school success

Students will spend time learning techniques on how to succeed in high school and receive guidance for anything needed!


College Readiness

From start to finish, AVID prides itself on getting every AVID student into a 4-year university.



AVID offers college students and instructors to give any guidance a student may need from any aspect of their life.

Educational Trips

AVID students go on a trip twice yearly to colleges in different places, starting in San Diego, and going all the way up to the Bay Area.

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Cooperation Skills

AVID students are given tons of opportunities to build their expertise on their cooperation skills, constantly working in teams and groups, benefitting everyone who participates.


AVID Student Resources

Searching for the resources you need to be an efficient AVID student? Look no further, they're right here! Click on the button to access a Google Drive with all of the materials you need.

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